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slįsti/ blizgančiu paviršium/ per kliedintį/ pasaulį/ nupieš/ plonu pieštuku/ bus lengva/ ištrinti. per ploną kevalą ant pirštų galiukų realybės raštą išardę... į nieką neįsijausk/ ir niekuo nebetikėk/ juk viską nurys/ šūdina gerklė. tai blizgančio paviršiaus kūnas. amen.

kai nusisuka draugai/ kai užmiega priešai/ kai pavargęs protas/ nebežino ko ieško/ kai pamėlsta pirštai/ besilaikant už krašto/ kai pavargusios akys/ nebeįskaito rašto. metu tau saulės spindulį iš nakties į šviesą/ tau saulės spindulį metu iš nakties į šviesą. ir išsipins vienutės grotos ir sutrupės grandinės pančių/ nebėra sienų tarp tavęs ir manęs/ tarp tavęs ir manęs nėra sienų. nubrauk mintis nubrauk abejones/ juk aš degu ir tu degi/ ir išsipildys mūsų svajonės jei šitą ugnį laikysim širdy. ir išdygs mūsų miestai sodai miestai/ ir išdygs.

į dėžę
į dėžę į dėžę sulįsk į dėžę ir plyšelius užsiklijuok kramtoma guma bubl gum ble. į dėžę į dėžę sulįsk į dėžę/ gyvenimo tikslus tegul kiti tau nubrėžia/ gyvenimo tikslas nusipirkti kramtoškės truputį narkotikų pigias basanoškes/ meluoja meluoja jie tau meluoja/ ką tu žinai ir ką tu galvoji/ gyventi tiesiai ir nepaklyst/ į jaukią dėžę geriausia sulįst.

jūra sumaišo smėlį su akmenim vėjas išpusto smėlį iš tarp akmenų ir lieka tik akmenys. ir dar yra paukščiai. ir vėl iš naujo išmokti džiaugtis žvaigždėtu dangum.

the clock is going to explode

važiuoja emocore
Sunkvežimi traukis greičiau Juk matai su dviračiu varau Tavo signalų negirdžiu Važiuoju per dideliu greičiu. Ausinėse pankrokas Vairuotojai sustokit Pakelkit šiknas storas Važiuoja emokoras Išjunkit variklius Vaziuoja eko punks. Jokių garsų ir dūmų jokių Protestas prieš transporto kamščius Parodyk kad tau rūpi visada Mankšta ir švari gamta

this is me
This is me Sometimes I sit and watch And do nothing for better change This is me Sometimes I fear and hide In my golden safety cage This is me Today I'm stoned From my best friends homegrown grass This is me And I will strugle To be proud of my current past. This is me This is ... me I am as I am As I wanna be It's nothing to be ashamed of This is me. This is me Today I'm weak But tomorrow I'll be strong This is me Today I promise To keep my struggle burning for long.

Santjago is not a hero, hes afraid to stay alone He is a friend of mine, we like to watch a sun But it is down, we are going home. The system seeks to eliminate us again But we gona stand here to the end. Santjago is not a heroe, he always ask to take care of him He is to shy, I tried to help him But his demands are so hard to fulfil. And now we're just making noise Cause system didn't give us a right to the choice.

full of shit
I was going down the town I was listening to music Soft sounds hit my soul today I was dreaming every time Seeing girls laughing loud I was feeling empty pain in my brain And so listen my friend I am ready to communicate Together create a new trend Oh wait We don't afraid We never afraid Police raid. What you say What you say My head is full of shit today. Kas turi ilgų popierėlių mes turim šiandieną ką sukt.

animal rights
people wearing shiny fur never think it's not theirs it's of animals killed by guns killed for money think of justice. animal rights i'm starting realise animal rights i'm starting to care. Stronger you wiser you that's not mean you can take fur's not yours life's not yours stop that madness think of justice.

so take my fingerprints, i'll write them on the wall, so take my fingerprints i'll shout them to the void. and when the sky is clear you'll see my wicked plan, so take my fingerprints, i'll show you what you can. i'll show you what you really can, you will see what you really do. start to seek for another one, brave enough to follow you.

predicted, addicted
predicted, addicted, blinded profit victims waiting for a shot. standing in one line. afraid to step aside. waiting for their portion. miserable daily ration. waiting.

consume or be consumed
chains on your hands. long enought to make you think that you are in control but realy you can choose a tv or supermarket. consume or be consumed. your time is sold, your happiness taken, you attention is captured, your future is clear - consume or be consumed.

the clock is ticking the clock is going to explode. timebomb. ignore me like i'm nothing like i'm something to be ignored.

you see nothing
you see nothing truth scrached your eyes. the time will come you'll have to handle the silly problems that you hate. reality will draw it's face when you're out from your golden cage. and all the fear and all injustice that was so easy to ignore will come to you, strike back with fire you'll have peace no more.

systems are down
now just imagine all systems are down so you can breath free now. there's no opression left on you so you can be true you. free to breath free to breed your kind of robots free to systematize and the new system is born. breath all systems are down breath now your're free to breath. now just imagine all systems are down be free of system of you.

salam aleikum

salam aleikum
salam aleikum youngsters to the streets to the freedom of alleys we'll cover the front with posters let the blood beat under the posters and on the posters let be salam aleikum! enough of sweet hearts and badges of compromises on the wounds, enought of trying to arouse fat aunt, if one's got heart of stone, soul of sleep, you could give him a tank of alcohol - he would be useless anyway. enough banging our heads to the wall one by one, all together, two and a half million, let's say as loud af horns of jerico - salam aleikum!
(c) Kazys Binkis 193?

to be true
it's not easy to be true, it's easier to be fake and lazy. i want to find myself in a crew of a good freinds, loyality and friendship instead of lazyness and fake.

i'm just like you
why we are standing at the same stage, why we do understand each other, whay we rise our fists to the air, why i'm jumping to you? because i'm just like you and you're just like me. why we are wet of sweat, why we broke our ribs, why emotions are overflowing, why we are hardcore?

friday night
at friday night statystic average is sweating in disco alley, a crowd of slim supermodels, a crowd of zero-entities. let my bass strings rip the entrails, my anger is clearing my mind. a shadow of todays sense loses it's power in my cave, my truth gets my face, i'm the creator of my life in my cave. (to live on your own or to flow in a river-bed? firday night is a pursue of robot happiness)

hostages of the system, a barrel in a mouth, hostages of the system in a way of history. you have to pull the trigger for them, but you still can resist. you're trying to win an extra life in a game of the smallest brain. you can go, you can improve yourself, you can go.

the truth of me and you
the mass of people heads raised minds follow the flag eyes are open chains are ringing two lines of teeth next rank of blind solders falls. enough of cannon meat, enough of sacrifice. we didn't fire the tnt and we won't keep it in our hands while it blows.

angry sick tired
angry sick tired "attack" my past is whispering to me. angry sick tired there's no time left to sort the thoughts. i know who my enemy is and my mind is where it should be, this day is the day this day is for me.

join the hype
join the hype, celebrate everytime they give you reason. join the hype, give in their lies, they tell you to keep you tied. join the hype, smile them wide, you're so easy to manipulate. join the hype, you're fucked near tv tonight. have you ever realised, they control your joy, your happiness, your sense of freedom, your sense of everything. join the hype you're fucked anyway.

sxe never dies (it just fades away)
many times did we swear we'll be straight till the end. time passed. sxe never dies, it just fades away. but today important is to be free from prejudicies, but today important is to be true to ourselves.

people, hc, god and me

beer poison
beer poison

me me
i don't care what you could do, i don't care what do you posses, i don't feel the limits, you hate what you don't understand. fool another empty soul, choke on what you can't screem out, attack the weaker, pretend you're a mother of god. you can't escape, you can't overcome yourself and lead the blind, because emotins are over. you are a worm hiding in a mould of you ideas. do what you want, i don't care, cause you are helpless like a toy, cause your mind in a damaged microchip.

slaveowner of family life
be like anyone, have a job, a dumb wife and a pair of kids, retract what you have been yesterday. come home, beat children or watch tv, don't think anymore, it's easier to be a mankourt. don't care about yesterday, not interested in tommorrow, have no time for today. such a slaveowner of family life.

to friends go on, kids with your illtuned guitars, go on punks with your colored mohawks, go on businessmen with your cellphones, go on rastamen in with a clouds of gandja smoke, go on junkies in illusions of happiness. 100% two fingers in the air hardcore.

i'm a god for myself
i'm a god for myself, i do not exist, pocket full of shells, i'm the new day. noone rises me from dead, i'm forgotten, i don't expect anything from anybody, i don't need anyone of you. i know i could cure illness of the state, i'm the god of idols, i'm the power of idea, i'm the power of the mind. i got user to get spit in my face, i open my eyes against the storm, i'm above all this shit, the only important thing is what i can. i'm the director of this life and you are just an actor, you build your dreams, i'm the reality who rules them.

the soldier of mass culture is your skin dry this morning? are your teeth free of cavities? you bought your protest in a kiosk around the corner, you soldier of mass culture. what book have you red last? can you read at all? you sold yourself for free to beverly hills and mtv. is your life well balanced? is a tv your new god? it this all you need for a living, you rotten soldier of mass culture? just a parasite with mohawk. inhale a smoke of cigarette, drink the booze more than you can, you're not moving anymore, you have rotten yesterday, you soldier of mass culture.

nedavi na mania devchionka
nedavi na mania devchionka (don't push on me girl;)

i'm dangerous
society, please forgive me my riot, i didn't know my way, from now i will be loyal to you till the end. your end! i'm dangerous, i will change everything! train me, i will give in like those naive fools. no need for sugar, i will act for free in a city square. everybody will get used to me, my sweet face, will let me in. and i will rot their weak mind, and eat their children. socialize me, try to fit me in your system of values. standartize me, give me a form and make me public. drop me a bone, keep me at your door, go to sleep safe. then i will rot your weak mind, and eat your children. to adopt, to pretend, to rot from in side.

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